It’s Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott to the rescue in Dish Network and HGTV’s latest collaboration to remind people that when they move, they can stick with Dish.

The first two spots feature the Scotts as moving superheroes — contractor Jonathan with lightning-fast speed and realtor Drew with extendable arms, in one spot, and the ability to levitate objects in another. Both come in to help families who are immersed in the chaos of moving to set up their TVs and their TV service, while also helping to fix walls and put things away on shelves. The third spot shows the brothers discovering that Dish Network offers a new voice-controlled remote and fighting to determine who will get to operate it.

The campaign is the latest in several that has been created in collaboration between Dish Network; Discovery-owned HGTV, which airs several series featuring the Property Brothers; and Los Angeles-based Jonas & Co.

“Communicating and creating are inextricably bound,” says Jonas Morganstein, Jonas & Co.’s co-owner and creative director. “Creative listening is always a part of it.”

To film these spots, Jonas & Co. worked with the Scotts for three solid days because capturing footage that’s going to include CGI and visual effects requires extra filming.

“We’ve been working with the brothers for years,” says Morganstein. “They are fantastic and your dream people to work with. They are so down for anything. They love being hams and being in front of the camera. Anything that’s got comedy, they go full blast.”

While shooting, the brothers also are continually creating content for their social media channels to keep their fan base constantly engaged.

“For both HGTV and the Property Brothers, it’s about helping people,” says Morganstein. “It’s really them coming to these families who need to move as a result of a life change. They really care and they want to help these people have a better lifestyle.”

‘Moving Heroes’

‘Booming Voice’


Network: Dish/HGTV

Agency/Production Company: Jonas & Co.

Co-Owner/Producer, Jonas & Co: Hema Mulchandani

Co-Owner/Creative Director, Jonas & Co: Jonas Morganstein

Producer, Jonas & Co: Cindi McKinney

Director, Jonas & Co: Jonas Morganstein

Vice President, Customer Marketing and Retention, Dish: Kevin Covell

Director, Existing Customer Communications, Dish: Kara Stegman

Retention Marketing/Programmer Partnerships, Dish: Mitch Kahl

Marketing Manager, Customer Retention, Dish: Nick Hunsberger

Marketing Lead, Customer Retention, Dish: Dustin Evans

SVP Content Distribution, Scripps: Brent Scott

Vice President, Content Distribution, Discovery: Jonathan Palmer

Vice President, Brand Creative, HGTV: Tommy Kim

Director, Integrated Marketing, Discovery: Craig Bates

Manager, Integrated Partnership Marketing, Discovery: Kelly Cremins

Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Partnerships, Discovery: Arti Umesh

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