To reiterate what everyone is experiencing together, Richmond, Va.’s four news-producing TV stations—Scripps’ CBS affiliate WTVR, Nexstar’s ABC affiliate WRIC, Gray’s NBC affiliate WWBT and Sinclair’s Fox affiliate WRLH—teamed up to produce a market-wide promo that featured all four stations’ local news coverage.

“To let the community know that even though we are competitors, during a life-altering event like we are currently experiencing, there is no ‘competition’ between stations more important than our community’s safety and well-being,” Erik Candiani, WWBT’s marketing director, told TVNewscheck’s Paul Greeley.

“This is an opportunity to speak to viewers who may have drifted away over time and reinforce the importance of news as an industry and remind them that we are here for them regardless of station or brand. It’s incredible to see a few stations across the country produce spots like this.”

To accomplish this task, each station took on a different role. WWBT wrote the script and produced and edited all of the spots for all of the stations. WTVR shot the drone footage that opens the spot and provided the logos that identify each news truck at the end. WRIC worked on the graphics, transitions and logo spins. And WRLH assisted with coordination and final delivery.

Universal Music gave clearance for all four stations to use the music, even though only two of them were officially licensed to use it.

Each station is airing its own version of the spot, with that station’s anchor kicking things off. One final spot that does not feature talent speaking is just rolling out now.

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