Take a virtual trip through all three worlds of the Disney+ bundle—Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+—in this spot by Los Angeles- based creative agency Roger. And while you’re there, see if you can find all of the Easter eggs pointing to various Disney-related content, such as Avengers Tower or the UFC MMA fighting ring.

A bundle subscription to all three streaming service is currently priced at $12.99 per month, although that offer will increase by $1 per month on March 26.


Client: Disney+

EVP Marketing and Content Curation, Disney+: Joe Earley

VP Marketing Creative, Disney+: Andy Baker

Director Campaign Strategy/Management, Disney+: Angie Poston

Director Creative Operations Disney+: Nicole Short

Senior Team Lead, Live & Licensed Marketing, Hulu: Rosalind Pressman

Senior Bundle Marketing Manager, Hulu: Taylor Robertson

Senior Manager Product Marketing, ESPN+: Corley Stone

Senior Director Product Marketing, Disney Bundle: Phillip Bensaid

Senior Manager Growth Marketing, Disney Bundle: Nicholas Pulito

Agency: Roger

Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee

Creative Director: Braden Wheeler

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky and Sean Owolo

Head of Production: Anne Pendola

Producers: Addie Stevenson and Karla Sylvester

Production Manager: Daniel Judge

Editors: Josiah Taylor, Shawn Bean and Kirstie Zengotita

Animation/Layout Director: James Rodgers

Technical/VFX Director: David Deacon

Lighting Director: James Sylvester

Designers: Insoo Kim, Katherine Budak, Tina Hung and Kevin Jan

Writer: Tom Pace

Modelers: Kris Kelly, Joe Dela Torre and Sivan Okcuoglu

3D Artists: Ken Carlson and Tim Wiser

Coordinator: Liza Tugangui

Storyboard Artists: Emily Hsu, Tina Hung and Kevin Jan

Music Composer: Antfood

Mixer: Antfood

Sound Design: Antfood

Tags: antfood disney+ hot spots roger

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