“Hey, I win golds too!” Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte yells from a canoe in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks as his companion chums the water.

A narrator explains he’s the second-best-known male swimmer in the world, just as Nat Geo Wild’s “Sharkfest” is the second-best-known shark event on TV.

The network has fully embraced its silver medal programming status, and the spot stands in comedic juxtaposition to Discovery’s number one “Shark Week,” which will kick off with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps racing a shark.

Phelps vs. Shark: The Battle for Ocean Supremacy airs Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m.

While Phelps will willingly go up against a Great White, Lochte, who insists “I’m actually number one sometimes,” is somewhat less enthusiastic about a face off as the promo continues to poke fun.

“Now Ryan, the reason we’re here,” the narrator says. “Please swim with the sharks.”

“Excuse me?”


Nat Geo Wild

Senior Producer / Writer: Nicole Strong

Senior Editor: Kevin Dykstra

Art Director: Jeremy Tate

Creative Director: Tyler Korba

SVP / Global Creative Director: Andy Baker

Senior Project Manager: Leah Wojda


Director: Jordan Brady

Producer: Joel Todaro

Executive Producer: Dave Farrell

Executive Producer: Vicki Ordeshook

1st Asst. Director: Billy Jones

Director of Photography: Mike Svitak

Marine Coordinator: William McGuire

Sound Mixer: Moe Chamberlain


Himself: Ryan Lochte

Chum guy: Dave Waite

VFX: Arsenal

Head of 2D / Flame Artist: Chris Noellert

VFX Producer: Pravina Sippy

Executive Producer: Cortney Haile


Partner / Colorist: Justin Kanner, Image Factory DC

Sound Design and Mix

Senior Sound Designer/Mixer: Jared Bartlett, Clean Cuts


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