In a truly global partnership, Texas-based Stephen Arnold Music worked closely with Munich,Germany-based Flint Skallen on a new branding campaign for China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Together, the partners blended visuals, narration and music for the network’s “See the Difference” Campaign, which includes rich imagery and a new score.​ The music includes a live string ensemble, which helped SAM weave a graceful and emotional theme.

“Flint Skallen’s compelling visuals, along with the narration, inspired the musical direction,” said Chad Cook, vice president, creative, for Stephen Arnold Music in a statement. “The elements meshed together well to support the message of ‘See the Difference,’ showing how CGTN’s journalism is distinct.”

In other news, SAM also composed the score for the new open for HLN’s new six-part series, Something’s Killing Me, hosted by actor B. D. Wong (Mr. Robot).

“With a program launch, it’s our responsibility to set the tone for its content, and instantly engage the audience so they’ll want to experience the show,” Cook said. “You need to literally grab the audience’s attention and be compelling - right away. That’s why one of the most important elements of the show package is the music for the tease, open, and returning from break segments: those cues reinforce the show’s sonic brand, and capture the viewer’s attention.”

Stephen Arnold Music also launched its new website at


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