In contrast to most current interior design shows that feature open spaces in neutral colors, Magnolia Network’s latest entry to the genre, Happy to be Home with the Benkos, showcases color, color and more color.

The Benkos are married couple, Mike and Gray, and her contractor father who goes by Grumpy. They work together to renovate historic homes in the South Carolina low country. Gray is a photographer turned interior designer with a keen eye for composition and combining unexpected colors and patterns.

“With these old homes you’re looking at 200 years of layers,” Mike says in the trailer, as it shows him hauling out claw-foot bathtubs and carrying boxes up and down stairs. Mike is a renaissance man, who, besides acting as mover and demo man, also is an artisan, woodworker, painter and occasional guitar player.

The end results combine colors that you probably never thought would go together but that lend a cheery, appealing look to every room.

Happy to be Home with the Benkos premieres Sunday, April 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Magnolia Network with new episodes every Sunday.

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