This holiday season, The Simpsons is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the longest marathon in TV history, FXX president, program strategy and COO Chuck Saftler announced on Friday.

The Simpsons Plus+Size Holiday Marathon begins Dec. 17 at 8 p.m.—exactly 30 years to the date and time that The Simpsons premiered on Fox in 1989.

All 661 episodes from the first 30 seasons will air on FXX in their original sequence. On New Years Eve, the network will launch a post-marathon encore presentation of The Simpsons Movie, The Longest Daycare and 11 of the series’ greatest episodes.

The marathon also celebrates the series’ on-demand home as of Nov. 12, Disney+.

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FXX held the previous record for longest TV marathon with the 13-day, The Simpsons 600 Marathon in 2016 and the 12-day, 552-episode The Simpsons marathon in 2014.

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