When an agency commits to recreating an entire city out of fiberboard and 3D printing, people notice. The same holds true for creative global art campaigns, the Rio Olympics opening, and pieces that make us see the world differently by presenting everyday objects, like a football, in a whole new light.

PromaxBDA received tons of Hot Spot submissions this month and each day published the best of the best. Out of many great examples of TV marketing, here are the top five promos that skyrocketed to the top as industry experts tuned in to watch and shared the spots across social media.

1. Plenty Recreates Rio for DirecTV

To create this promo for DirecTV, Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Plenty literally recreated Rio de Janeiro in medium-density fiberboard (MDF), 3D-printing 10 statues representing different sports—including artistic gymnastics, boxing, tennis and swimming—and two of Rio’s most important Olympics stadiums.

2. NBC Opening Ceremony for Rio Olympics

NBC Olympics partnered with Miami-based 2C Creative to create a promo intended to convey the “globally unifying energy” of the Olympics opening ceremony, which NBC will broadcast in the U.S. on Aug. 5.

3. HBO’s Hard Knocks ‘I Am Football’

You think playing football is hard? Consider being a football.

4. Honest Trailers Gets Nominated for an Emmy

To promote its own Emmy bid in the new category of outstanding short-form variety series, Screen Junkies applied its Honest Trailers-style to all of this year’s Emmy-nominated dramas and comedies.

5. Fox’s Global #OutcastArt Campaign

To build anticipation for the launch of Outcast, FX commissioned 12 graffiti artist to create 12 pieces of art based on a storyboarded scene from episode one that were unveiled around the world as part of an immersive content global campaign.


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