From reimagining HBO’s iconic feature presentation open to Amazon’s sizzle reel highlighting upcoming pilots, the top performing Hot Spots this month show a wide range of talent and creativity.

1. Imaginary Forces Reimagines HBO’s Feature Presentation Open

The open combines live-action talent photography with complex CG environments and a newly interpreted score to create something immersive and magical.


  • Network: HBO
  • Head of Marketing: Chris Spadaccini
  • Creative Director: Alyson Bradshaw
  • Agency: Imaginary Forces
  • Co-Founder: Peter Frankfurt
  • Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
  • Director: Dan Gregoras
  • Music: Man Made Music
  • Founder: Joel Beckerman
  • Arranger: Chris Knight

2. PromaxBDA Europe 2017 Conference Open

DutchToast, PromaxBDA’s design partner for this year’s Europe conference in Amsterdam, pulled out all the stops for the conference opener, including pop culture references from Fast and Furious to Game of Thrones to Indiana Jones.



3. Amazon Presents 5 Pilots For Your Consideration

The sizzle includes Budding Prospects, The Legend of Master Legend, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, New V.I.P.’s, and Oasis.


  • Network: Amazon Studios
  • Head of Creative, Leigh Anne Gardner
  • Head of Marketing is Mike Benson
  • Creative Director: Vanessa Gottlieb
  • Senior Creative Producer: Matt Unsworth
  • Agency: Tiny Hero
  • President, Chief Creative: Ron Beck
  • Creative Director: Ryan Harrison
  • Producer: Ryan Hoog

4. FX Australia Asks ‘What If?’

After giving its audience a juicy look at all the shows the channel has on offer, the spot concludes: “What if you could find the best dramatic entertainment in one destination?”


  • Producer: Jamie Benterman
  • GFX: Gavin Barnett
  • Sound: Andrew Wilson
  • Voice: Kellie Jones
  • Music: You’ll Be The Death Of Me by Jeremy Abbott & Louise Dowd (Atmosphere/Universal Publishing)

5. Main Titles for Fox’s ‘Shots Fired’

Police tape crosses the screen multiple times, reminding the audience of recent stories of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, and then resolves itself into a version of the American flag, in the above title sequence created by Los Angeles-based Shine.


  • Network: Fox
  • Studio: Shine


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