Tubi aims to remind Netflix and Hulu customers about its free premium content in its new, out-of-home branding campaign.

The cheeky campaign, which launched on Monday, spans taxi TVs, digital out-of-home inventory and billboards in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Detroit. Aside from persuading subscribers that Tubi is the solution to subscription fatigue, the campaign takes on the subscription leaders by name.

“Dear Netflix, I had my first freesome last night. Tubi was amazing.”

“Dear Hulu, you’re cool and all, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Tubi last night,” another billboard reads.

Banner from Netflix flyover on Monday. [Tubi]
Banner from Netflix flyover on Monday. [Tubi]

Tubi also promoted its message during a midday flyover of Netflix’s office in West Hollywood. The banner pokes fun at the paid subscription service, stating “Dear Netflix, I was with Tubi last night, but I only watched.”

The campaign also includes geo-fencing, social media and digital homepage takeovers.

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