As TV Land’s Teachers comes to a close, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based creative agency And/Or turned to the energy and language of protest graphics to sum up their plight: “We’re teachers. We’re already less respected than garbage men.”

“The protest concept was something that felt relevant to the current climate and culture,” says And/Or Creative Director Kendra Eash. “It was fun to riff on with so many great moments of hilarious outrage from the show.”

Teachers premieres its final season on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on TV Land.


Network: TV Land

Creative Director: Dominique Vitali

Editorial Director: Joe Boyd

Executive Producer: Gwen Powel

Art Director: Kyungjoo Lee

Sound Engineer: John Wilkinson

SVP Brand Creative: Terry Minogue

Project Manager, On-Air: Michelle Orsi

Agency: And/Or

Creative Directors: Kendra Eash, Kelli Miller

Editorial Director: Nika Offenbac

Head of Production: Diana Mandelare-Au

Editor: Matt Hixon

Design: Larisa Martin, Diksha Watwani, Adam Wentworth

Animation Director: Olga Povarchuk

Animation: Diksha Watwani

Tags: andor hot spots teachers tv land

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