To promote the launch of its fourth sitcom from creator Chuck Lorre, Mom, into syndication, Warner Bros. created an elaborate marketing campaign that it revealed to stations at last week’s Station Summit in Las Vegas.

One of Warner Bros.’ key findings was that when Mom airs in primetime on stations that also air Lorre’s Two and a Half Men in syndication, 75 percent of Men’s audience sticks around to watch Mom, said Liz Huszarik, executive vice president of Warner Bros.’ media research and insights.

Already, 92 stations have licensed both Men and Mom, and Warner Bros. is encouraging those stations to pair the two shows in access and late fringe to boost the viewership of both.

To assist those stations, Warner Bros. created the above spot that features Mom stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris singing the famed Two and a Half Men open, but instead singing the word “mom” instead of “men.” Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer joins the spot in progress.

“These shows have similar signature styles and comedic sensibilities. Back-to-back, these two shows are guaranteed to build your audience,” Lisa Gregorian, president and CMO, Warner Bros. Television Group, told station executives last week.

To incentivize stations to schedule the shows together, Warner Bros. is offering them $3 for every $1 they spend on off-air promotion — including outdoor, radio and digital — of the two shows in September and November.

Warner Bros., beyond the 15 separate campaigns it created to the launch the sitcom in syndication, also produced several custom elements for stations.

One spot, which ends like the below, includes stations’ call letters and show air times in the tattoo on Christy’s (Faris) arm. Other promotional elements allow stations to work with partner newspapers, including the name of the newspaper in print ads.

Warner Bros. also is extending its “Show Us Your Funny” initiative for stations, offering them a collective $1 million for spots they produce that Warner Bros. selects to air nationally. Selected on-air spots win $5,000 for their stations, and this year Warner Bros. also will reward radio spots, print ads and social-media content with $1,000 each.

Last year, stations such as KTLA Los Angeles, WBCW San Francisco and WRBW Orlando created winning spots for such Warner Bros.’ produced and distributed off-net sitcoms as Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory.

“There is amazingly creative work being done by our local station partners,” said Gregorian. “By having access to these produced spots, we can keep our stations across the country stocked with a fresh library of creative content. Based on our first year of success, we are very excited to expand the program to include print ads, radio spots and social media content creation.“


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