It’s the time of year that everyone gets excited about: Fall TV! Except this year, like everything else, fall TV looks different, with scripted shows replaced by reality shows until production can get back in swing. In the meantime, the networks are doing their best to offer viewers new (ish) fare, even if some of that comes off of their streaming services or little-watched other networks.

Sept. 14: ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (season premiere)

Sept. 21: Fox’s Filthy Rich (series premiere)

Sept. 21: CBS’ Manhunt: Deadly Games (broadcast series premiere)

Sept. 23: Fox’s I Can See Your Voice

Sept. 23: Fox’s The Masked Singer (season 4 premiere)

Oct 1: NBC’s Connecting

Oct 6.: Fox’s neXt

Oct. 7: The CW’s Devils

Oct. 13: ABC’s The Bachelorette

Oct. 19: NBC’s The Voice (season premiere)

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