NFTs—or non-fungible tokens—are constantly in the news these days. But what are they actually?

Create Advertising President Jonathan Gitlin is here to help. In this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast, Gitlin gives an easy-to-follow explanation of what NFTs are, how to make them, how to buy them and why entertainment marketers should care.

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As a tease, here’s a quick primer on how to buy one:

1) Choose an NFT marketplace that aligns with your interests and sign up for an account.

Some of the most popular are: Opensea (the largest and broadest), NiftyGateway (artists and brands) and Decentraland (first ever virtual world owned by users).

2) Select a crypto wallet.

Look for a friendly user interface, support for multiple devices and cross-chain compatibility. Independent options like Metamask offer flexibility to work across devices and crypto chains.

3) Fund your wallet.

The crypto currency of choice is Ethereum.

4) Be aware of gas fees.

So-called “gas fees” are payments made by users for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Gas charges vary according to how busy the network is. Weekends are generally less busy than weekdays.

5) Purchase and proudly display your NFT.

You can do this with a Smart Art Frame (Meural Canvas) or a holographic display (Looking Glass).

For more on this and other ways Jonathan Gitlin, president of Create Advertising, can help demystify what’s happening with NFTs, tune in to this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast.

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