William Shatner brings his iconic voice to History’s latest nonfiction series, The UnXplained, which premiered on the channel on Friday, July 19 at 10 pm ET/PT.

For the above spot, History’s internal creative team literally turned the camera upside down to recreate some of the strangeness and mystery evoked by the series.

The eight-episode anthology series examines some of history’s greatest mysteries, such as who built Stonehenge and why, and have aliens ever visited Earth?

The Star Trek and Boston Legal actor hosts, narrates and executive produces the series. Prometheus’ Kevin Burns and History’s Susan Blumenthal also executive produce. Burns also created and executive produces such nonfiction series as Ancient Aliens, which is paired with The UnXplained on Friday nights, and The Curse of Oak Island.


Senior Writer/Producer: Jeremy Dann-Soury

Editor: Steve Kammerer

Sound Mixer: Eddie Cooper, Plush

Color Grade: Micah Kirz, Out of the Blue

Graphics: Block & Tackle

Director: Patrick Cummings

Senior Creative Producer: Sarah Walker

Director, Marketing Production: Kate Rosante

Senior Director, Marketing Production: Kate Leonard

Creative Director: Kim Ferraro

VP Brand Creative: Matt Neary

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

Tags: history the unxplained william shatner

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