YouTube and Remarkable TV have released the trailer for its new virtual reality (VR) show, Virtually History.

With help from historic photographs and VR technology, Virtually History chronicles the fall of the Berlin Wall by bringing three YouTubers—all with a family connection—through the pivotal moment in European history.

The 30-minute special, which commemorates the 30th anniversary of the event, aims to provide “a unique and emotional lens” from the perspective of a new generation while reflecting on its current impact.

“Using incredible VR technology and by recreating sections of post-war Berlin in forensic detail, we are able to transport viewers back in time and allow them to experience a moment in history like never before,” Patrick Furlong, executive producer at Remarkable, said in a statement.

“Although we’re marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall, there’s still a lot we can learn from this moment in history today, and we hope this special encourages people to embrace unity and a connection to one another,” said Luke Hyams, head of YouTube Originals, EMEA.

Although Virtually History isn’t the first VR series to hit the platform, it is the first for YouTube’s original programming slate since the streamer announced its revised content strategy. In May, YouTube announced that it would focus on educational, music and influencer-driven content.

Most recently, YouTube announced its choose-your-own-adventure special, A Heist with Markiplier, where viewers are tasked with robbing the most secure bank in the world by controlling the content creator’s actions.

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Virtually History launches on Nov. 6, and can be viewed uninterrupted with YouTube Premium or free with ads on YouTube on EndemolShine’s Reel Truth History Documentaries Channel.

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