​As Viceland gears up for its Feb. 29 premiere, it’s focusing on launching original programming developed and produced by Vice entirely in-house, and targeting millennials who are used to watching content online.

Here are a few of the promos for upcoming shows.

Above, Viceland offers Flophouse, a reality show about struggling comedians living together as they to forge their careers. The title seems pretty spot-on, considering the footage of the house.

Below, is the trailer for Weediquette, a show that inhales deeply the new culture of pot.

F*ck, That’s Delicious integrates the two seemingly incongruous worlds of rap and food, hosted by Action Bronson. It’s heavy on the swears, as the title would indicate, and features the boast: “I haven’t been kicked out of a hotel room in three years.”

Thomas Morton scores a dream job and gets to go deep into the world’s subcultures, in Inside the World’s Strangest Subcultures: Balls Deep.

The channel takes on music with Noisey, created by Andy Capper.

And probably the highest profile of the channel’s first shows, Gaycation, stars Ellen Page and Ian Daniel. The duo get to travel around the world, immersing themselves in gay, bisexual and trans cultures everywhere.

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