CIA agent Carrie Mathison is facing new troubles both at home and abroad in Showtime’s newest season of Homeland,

With a new baby to worry about on top of terrorist threats and foreign powers, Carrie goes into season four slightly overwhelmed. However, she remains fully in control when doing what she does best - making life or death decisions like in the promo above. The spot, “Target Confirmation,” features Lorde’s eerie version of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

In the spot “New Threat,” computer graphics and typography tell the story of the “ruthless, powerful ad calculating” Carrie Mathison:


Showtime Networks: Client/Agency

Erik Friedman: VP, Creative Director

Rachele Honner: Senior Creative Director

Soon Kwon: Writer/Producer

Jonathan Rauberts: Creative Director

Diane Johnson: Line Producer

Ray Burris: Editor

Three (One) O: Production Company

Norry Niven: Director

Elaine Sibert: Executive Producer

August Alcala II: 1st Assistant Director


Kate Arton: Producer

The Big Picture Company: Production Services - Cape Town

Di Davis: Line Producer

Sarah Jane: Production Designer

SFX Doug Hardy at Stunt SA

Katina Le Kerr: Costume Designer (Homeland Series)

Cathy Kukard: Wardrobe Stylist

The Mill: Post Production/VFX

Tomas Wall: 2D Lead Artist

Darren Macpherson: VFX Shoot Supervisor

Wendy Garfinkle: VFX Producer

Zu Al-Kadiri: Executiver Producer

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