Decked out in red, Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope takes a seat on a bench overlooking the White House and the Washington Monument. Familiar voices echo around her, with one asking, “how does it feel to be the most powerful person in the world?”

“It feels right,” she responds.

The promo teases Shondaland series Scandal’s seventh and final season, which premieres October 5 on ABC.

The end of the show comes as Netflix hired Shonda Rhimes away from her longtime home of ABC, where she also produces such series as Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder in addition to Scandal. Those series and the ones in development will remain on ABC until they conclude, while new projects will air on Netflix as part of the multi-year deal. Netflix also has streaming rights to the back-ends of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.


Network: ABC

Production Company: Black Label

VFX: Ring of Fire

ABC Credits:

Rebecca Daugherty: EVP Marketing

Jill Gershman: SVP Creative

Robert Schefferine: Vice President, Production

Melissa King: Executive Creative Director

Chris O’Hara: Director of Production

Lucas Aragon: Design Director

Monica Helberg: Art Director

Ann Sloan: Creative Director

Andrea Altman: Writer/Producer

Megan Tyra: Senior Production Manager

Sandy Christmas: Associate Director of Special Projects/Production

Christine Sparks: Production Manager

Tom Cole: Editor

Christopher Abbey: Designer

Stephen Kuns: Colorist

Justin Merrill: Audio Engineer

Black Label Credits:

Joseph Uliano: Executive Producer

Norm Reiss: Producer

Kendall Bowlin: Director

Maz Makhani: DP

Marcel Gravel: Production Design

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