​HBO’s Game of Thrones had a lot to live up to at SXSW this year, trying to top 2014’s Oculus Rift virtual reality experience.

The show returned to SXSW in Austin this weekend with an exhibit appropriately named “SXSWesteros,” where visitors can take photos with the Iron Throne or take part in an interactive sword fight.

Now less than one month away from its fifth season premiere, Game of Thrones followed up with a few online featurettes, addressing some history and TV magic behind the show:

“History & Lore: Valyria and the Dragons” illustrates a map of The Smoking Sea and how and where dragons came to be:

A behind-the-scenes piece on set design also offers a bit more insight into how the world of Westeros comes into being:

Season five of Game of Thrones premieres April 12 on HBO.

[Image courtesy of HBO]

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