HBO added 2 million domestic subscribers last year, its highest increase in 17 years.

Jeff Bewkes, CEO of HBO’s parent company Time Warner seemed unfazed by competition from Netflix and other streaming services, telling investors Wednesday that HBO remained “in a league of its own.”

HBO is now in 130 million homes worldwide, compared with 44 million for Netflix.

However the streaming service actually wins the domestic subscriber race, with 29.9 million households to HBO’s 28.5 million.

Bewkes pointed out that HBO and Netflix actually compliment each other, since households that have HBO tend to watch more Netflix, and vice-versa.

Time Warner broke out HBO’s individual financials for the first time Wednesday, and the numbers show that HBO is more profitable than Netflix.

The premium cabler posted $1.8 billion in profits on $4.9 billion in revenue, compared with Netflix’s $228 million in profits on $4.3 billion in revenue.

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Brief Take: Netflix may be on the upswing, but HBO’s 2013 performance proves that viewers are still willing to pay for a premium cabler they believe offers a solid programming lineup.

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