Binalogue helps AXN promote its upcoming TV fare to its viewers in Spain and Portugal, fusing live action with animation and choreography.

Also check out the making-of video here.

Client: AXN - Sony Pictures Television -

Production Company: Binalogue -

AXN Creative manager: David Giménez

AXN Writer/producer: David Giménez

AXN Production coordinator: Elena Muñoz

AXN Production manager: Noelia Alonso

AXN Assistant director: Rubén Sánchez

AXN Sound mixer: Claudio Recuero

Concept development: AXN & Binalogue

Direction: David Giménez & David Carrizales

Art direction: David Carrizales

Direction of photography: Tommie Ferreras

Choreography: Fonty, David Giménez Teira, David Carrizales & Alejandro de Los Ríos

Talent: Fonty

Producer: Gloria Inglis

Technical supervision: Luis de La Barrera - Montenegro, Alejandro de Los Ríos & David Carrizales

Concept art & design: Samuel Alegre, Álvaro Bernis & Jorge Artola

Lead 3D artist: Luis de La Barrera - Montenegro

3D artists: Luis de La Barrera - Montenegro, Alejandro de Los Ríos, Luis Manuel Hidalgo, Álvaro Bernis & Juan de La Peña

Lead compositing artist: David Carrizales

Motion graphics, VFX & compositing: David Carrizales, Samuel Alegre, Fumiaki Kobayashi

Storyboarding: Álvaro Bernis, Fumiaki Kobayashi & Juan de La Peña

Still photography: Judith Sansó -

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