PromaxBDA and UnitedSenses invite you to be a part of this year’s conference branding!

Brief spoke with UnitedSense CEO and Creative Director Markus Schmidt about this first-of-its-kind approach to an opening video for a PromaxBDA conference.

BRIEF: What was the inspiration for this user-generated opening?

MARKUS SCHMIDT: We really wanted something that would reflect the true nature of the European conference.

There is a strong sense of diversity within the European creative community, because unlike North America, the European creative community has a very strong sense of diversity with many different countries, cultures and influences.

Our aim is to create an opening sequence for the conference that reflects this.

We quickly realized that this couldn’t just be a piece of branding – we wanted to have a story that connects Berlin with this year´s theme: “Inspire, Create, Celebrate“.

The question, “How can we involve everybody before they’ve even arrived at the conference?”, gave us the idea “Let’s create a genuinely community-generated clip!”

And to activate our colleagues, we produced a call-to-action clip that would give a bit of insight into the Berlin-style design package that we created for the conference.

We thought, “Why not take this hip German music, turn it into the conference theme tune, and see what visual associations people come up with?”

BRIEF: How does this idea reflect the host city, Berlin?

SCHMIDT: Berlin has become a European melting pot, and probably the youngest feeling of all German cities. It is a city where a lot of creative individuals meet - collaborating in a new way, project by project, and then moving on. I think that is the difference from a few years back.

That’s why we’re using a piece of electro-swing music – I don’t know if it’s also a global phenomenon, but here in Germany there are some really hip-electro swing parties now.

BRIEF: What exactly are you and the UnitedSenses team looking for? What should people submit?

SCHMIDT: We are looking for unique contributions to the overall piece, that make it special and let us feel the diversity in our community. We want 20 seconds about “Inspire,“ “Create“ or “Celebrate“ set to the beat of the music.

This electro-swing music provokes so many good emotions, so they should just see how their footage fits it.

Maybe it says something about themselves or their countries. Does it let us sing and dance along to it? Is it funny? Will it stand out?

We think it’s a bit of a fun competition in a way, too, since we unfortunately cannot include every piece we receive.

Register for the 2015 PromaxBDA Europe Conference in Berlin and find out how to send your submission for the opening video at


Client: PromaxBDA

Conference Design Partner: UnitedSenses

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