Now a major player in the TV landscape, it’s only fitting that Amazon Studios is making its first visit to Comic-Con this year, presenting their new shows Hand of God and The Man in the High Castle.

Hand of God, a drama starring Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) as a judge who starts hearing voices in his head, was the first TV panel of the Con on Thursday morning, debuting a new trailer for the show’s first season (see above).

But the most memorable stunt is the fleet of Ron lookalikes milling about San Diego. Behold:

Amazon certainly isn’t hiding its affection for Ron Perlman and #HandofGod, given the army of people wearing judge robes and Ron Perlman masks.

Tomorrow, the fun begins for Amazon’s other show, the Philip K. Dick adaptation The Man in the High Castle, a sci-fi alternate history deeply enmeshed in the Comic-Con hot zone. The show has a panel Friday afternoon, and a free screening of the series’ first two episodes at 7:30 PM at the Civic Theatre.