Keeping with its long established tradition of couch gags, The Simpsons has released a new video celebrating all the reasons for the season

In the Simpsons’ world, these include references to reindeer meat, candy canes, saxophone solos and snowboarding. What’s not so traditional is the final nod to Disney’s animated blockbuster, Frozen, which, although also animated, has no tie to Fox’s long-running hit series.

After following Bart out of school, Lisa out of band practice and Homer out of work, The Simpsons’ holiday opener includes a break for its “obligatory Frozen reference” toward the end of this year’s holiday couch gag, complete with ice castle. “Aye Carumba,” says Bart, as he gets caught on the highest spire.

Homer even makes an appearance as a confused Olaf. “Carrots, bleh,” he says. If only snowmen wore donuts as noses.

[Image courtesy of Animation Domination]

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