Chace Hartman and Thomas Edwards are joining Trollbäck + Company as creative director and art director, respectively.

Hartman’s first project since joining the team is to direct a new animated show open for PBS’ Antiques Roadshow, while Edwards is directing a brand video for House of Marley.

Hartman comes to Trollbäck having worked on campaigns for such brands as Chevron, Verizon, American Express, AT&T, Kraft, Toyota, ESPN, Pepsi, BBC, and NBC. Among the design companies where he’s previously worked are Digital Kitchen, Brand New School, Ebeling Group, MK12, Buck, Loyal Kaspar, Hush, Superfad, Passion Pictures, and Scout. He began his career in technical illustration and design, merging these skills with animation to move into motion graphics.

“I strive to create work that is unique to the project but direct in its message,” says Chace Hartman. “I have always admired Trollbäck + Co. for its ability to do that. It’s exciting to have the chance to collaborate with all the talented people here.”

Edwards, originally from Australia, has created content for CNBC, Mun2, Nickelodeon, Optimum Freewheel, Centric, Music Max and more. He combines photography and design to create highly visual, contemporary work.

“More people are gravitating to our purposeful and emotional design sensibilities. We have been fortunate to find two incredible talents to handle the influx of work,” said Elyse Roth, executive producer at Trollbäck + Co., in a statement. “Both Tom and Chace bring their own unique styles as well as expertise in character animation and live action. We’re thrilled to have them on board.”

Images of Hartman, Edwards courtesy of Trollbäck + Co.

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