TV stations are turning more frequently to off-air digital advertising to drive tune-in, found the second annual survey conducted by digital advertising firm Mixpo and PromaxBDA released at Station Summit in Las Vegas.

According to a survey of more than 200 broadcasters in more than 60 designated market areas (DMAs), 90% of broadcasters plan to advertise online in 2014. And nearly all of those, 86%, will incorporate online video into that advertising.

Social media is growing in popularity, with 75% believing that social ads, such as those that run on Facebook, are critical or very important to driving ratings. Mobile, however, still remains a bit of an afterthought, with 58% of stations saying they believe mobile advertising is critical or very important for increasing viewership. That perception may change, however, with Nielsen planning to roll out C3 mobile ratings this fall.

“One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen year to year is that the sector feels that the number-one benefit of using digital advertising is reaching people on mobile devices and tablets. That really makes sense. You can’t get out of the way of the proliferation of multiple screens,” said Peter Goldstein, Mixpo’s VP of sales and business development.

“Almost every single station has some way to connect with their viewers online. They offer breaking news apps, weather apps and social feeds to connect with their audience. Most stations will tell you today that more than 30% of all of the traffic to their site is coming from mobile devices.”

As stations continue to turn to digital to drive tune-in, Mixpo offered these five tips for using digital to its best advantage:

1) Utilize your own website and mobile properties to run topicals and other video assets.

2) Take full advantage of earned media by actively facilitating social sharing and by video-enabling your social posts.

3) Your audience is spending more and more time consuming digital media. Shouldn’t your ad dollars follow?

4) Make digital media optimization an ongoing priority. Capture campaign-to-campaign learnings in the form of white and black lists. Leverage past learnings to focus media on best performing sites and placements.

5) Personalize your creative messaging as much as possible: geo-specific elements, station call letters and air-times make ads more enticing.

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Seattle-based Mixpo works with advertisers and media companies to build, deliver and measure interactive video ads on all devices and in the news feeds of all major social sites

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