“His voice moved people,” A&E says of Tupac Shakur in a promo for the six-hour, limited series Who Killed Tupac? focusing on an investigation into the death of the prolific and influential rapper and actor.

Other words used to describe him include “soldier,” “intelligent” and “revolutionary” .... a “phenomenon” who was “trying to speak for the rejected, which made him dangerous.”

Each installment of the investigative series includes aspects from the artist’s life, and follows civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump—who has represented families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and other victims of gun violence—as he conducts a full-scale investigation into Tupac’s 1998 murder.

It “promises to bring to light confidential, exclusive documents, interviews and information that will be used to both support as well as discredit some of the key theories haunting this murder investigation over the past two decades,” according to A&E.

The series also features the opening song “Heaven 4 a Gangster,” written and performed by rapper The Game as a tribute to his hero Tupac.

Who Killed Tupac? premieres November 21.

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