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That’s why narrowing this list down to just ten was a hard job, but we muddled through. On day 2 of the 12 Days of Promax, we present our ten favorite main titles of 2019.

10) Future Proof 2019

Bold colors, geometric shapes and simple but beautiful animation characterizes this open for the FutureProof 2019—Motion Design Conference at Ringling College by senior Josh Galindo, who won a Creating What’s Next student award at the 2018 Promax conference in New York City.

9) Cinemax’s Warrior

Inspired by graphic novels and retro Kung-Fu posters, MethodMade created these animated main titles for Cinemax’s new series, Warrior, drawn from the writings of martial-arts legend Bruce Lee.

The series is set in Chinatown in rough-and-tumble 19th century San Francisco. It follows young martial-arts prodigy Ah Sahm, a Chinese immigrant working as a hatchet man for one of the neighborhood’s most powerful bosses, known as Tongs.

MethodMade, which is part of Los Angeles-based Method Studios, worked closely with Warrior creator and executive producer Jonathan Tropper to come up with the unique visual approach, incorporating both still photography from the set and motion-capture footage of working martial artists. MethodMade also brought in designer Arisu Kashiwagi to further develop and execute the final sequence. The style was ultimately applied to the network’s promotional campaign for the series.

8) Netflix’s The Great Hack

Netflix documentary The Great Hack explores the modern-day problem of technology companies using their incredible access to data to invade their customers’ privacy and buy and sell that information to other similar companies.

To illustrate that idea, ALT Creative’s Ash Thorp traveled back and forth between data and art, showing how one becomes the other and vice versa.

7) Netflix’s 7 Days Out

New York-based creative studio Bigstar kept it clean and simple when it came to the main titles for Netflix’s documentary series, 7 Days Out.

Each ultra high-definition video tells a story, and those stories get quicker as the seven days pass. Bigstar overlaid those crisp images with equally straightforward graphics, letting the creative do all the talking.

6) Epix’ Pennyworth

Ever wondered how Alfred Pennyworth became Batman’s butler? Well, so did DC Comics—and later Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller—and their series Pennyworth on Epix tells the tale.

Creative director Danny Yount sets the series’ scene with these sepia-toned main titles, placed in 1960s London, that have just enough mystery and drama to tease the viewer into the show.

5) Apple TV+’s See

For the main titles for Apple TV+’s original series, See, Imaginary Forces took the idea of a world in which humans no longer have eyesight and ran with it.

To create the sequence, which starts with imagery that evokes the delicate anatomy of the human eye, the creative agency worked closely with the show’s blindness consultant as well as the props and art departments to create the sequence’s aesthetic and all-important sound design.

4) Netflix’s Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Who is she? Where is she? Carmen Sandiego is back!

Los Angeles-based animation studio Chromosphere handled both production design and the main-title sequence for Netflix’s rebooted version of the animated series, which features the voice talents of Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez and Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard.

3) FX’s Fosse/Verdon

The storied relationship of Oscar-winning choreographer and director Bob Fosse and his muse, Tony-winning dancer and actress Gwen Verdon is chronicled in FX’s latest limited series, Fosse/Verdon, starring Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams in those titular roles.

For the main titles, creative agency yU+co kept it both simple and complex—much like the couple’s actual relationship.

Each sequence reflects a particular period in the couple’s lives — both together ... and apart.

2) HBO’s Catherine the Great

Flowing red silk represents many different themes in Elastic’s dramatic main-title sequence for HBO and Sky’s new four-part limited series, Catherine the Great.

It’s the blood spilled by the empress’ many wars, the seas her armies crossed, the red of Mother Russia and the color of Catherine’s power as it sweeps across the land.

1) CNN’s The Movies

Everyone loves a great movie and no cinemaphile will be able to look away from these ever-evolving main titles for CNN’s The Movies.

The docuseries spans the most iconic films across the decades. Los Angeles-based Herzog and Company developed the sequence, which travels through time to showcase the films that shaped history.

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