Agencies Elastic, Imaginary Forces, Rock Paper Scissors and Shynola split this year’s five main title Emmy nominations among them, and with that came some familiar names to those paying attention to the main-title space: Lisa Bolan, Patrick Clair, Karin Fong, Angus Wall and Shynola’s three London-based partners: Jason Groves, Christopher Harding and Richard Kenworthy.

Emmy voters will have a hard time picking between these five worthy nominees:

TNT’s The Alienist

A Paramount Television and Turner’s Studio T co-production

Agencies: Rock Paper Scissors, Elastic

Angus Wall, Creative Director

Lisa Bolan, Creative Director

Yongsub Song, Animator/Compositor

Charles Khoury, Animator/Compositor

Heidi Berg, Art Director

Felix Soletic, Designer

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Netflix’s Altered Carbon

Produced by Skydance Television

Agency: Elastic

Lisa Bolan, Creative Director

Thomas McMahan, Animator/Compositor

Yongsub Song, Animator/Compositor

Byron Slaybaugh, Animator/Compositor

Carlo Sa, Designer

Mert Kizilay, Designer

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Starz’ Counterpart

Produced by Gilbert Films and Anonymous Content in association with MRC

Agency: Imaginary Forces

Karin Fong, Creative Director

Jake Ferguson, Lead Designer

Felipe Carvalho, Designer

Zach Kilroy, Editor

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The Daily Brief Podcast: Imaginary Forces’ Karin Fong

Netflix’s GLOW

Produced by Glitter Pictures, LLC

Agency: Shynola

Jason Groves, Creative Director/Art Director/Designer

Christopher Harding, Creative Director/Art Director/Designer

Richard Kenworthy, Creative Director/Art Director/Designer

HBO’s Westworld

Produced by HBO Entertainment in association with Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television

Agency: Elastic

Patrick Clair, Creative Director

Raoul Marks, Lead Animator/Lead Compositor

Jose Limon, Lead CG Modeler

Savva Tsekmes, Animator/Compositor

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