To set the tone for baseball’s post-season, Miami-based creative agency 2C 2.0 combined bold graphics with action-oriented footage to get viewers in the mood for Major League Baseball’s upcoming Wild Card series, starting Friday.

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The spot, which features keyhole typography set over images of star players, is set to a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Run Through the Jungle” by Think Up Anger.

The campaign includes assets for on-air, digital and radio spots as well as graphics toolkits in both English and Spanish.


Client: ESPN

Senior Vice President, ESPN: Laura Gentile

Vice President, ESPN: Emeka Ofodile, Michelle Bella

Manager, ESPN: Caroline Tilton

Coordinator, ESPN: Genesis Cifuentes

Senior Director, ESPN: Ryan Campbell

Director ESPN: Mike Dominguez

Associate Director, ESPN: Leonard: Shaun Leska

Associate Director, Marketing Production: Matt Cheron

Senior Post Editor: Grayson Sedory

Associate Producer, ESPN: Joseph Rea

Lead Video Editor, ESPN: Nubia De La Vega

Agency: 2C 2.0

President/Owner: Chris Sloan

VP of Operations, Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

Creative Director, Writer: Cheryl King

Lead Editor: Dan Perry

Editor: Jesus Martinez

Lead Designer/Animator: Aaron Magee

Designer: Matt Barretto, Troy Chrisman

Audio Engineers: Cesar Haliwa, Andy Stermer

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