Ahead of Major League Baseball’s Wild Card series, Miami-based 2C gets baseball fans hyped with this fun motion-graphics enhanced spot for Disney-owned ESPN and ABC.

The concept was a custom shot-by-shot, multi-layered treatment inspired by 90’s grunge rock poster art to capture what makes this post-season unique: more teams, more pressure and more stars, played out thus far in fan-less stadiums in a season delayed by a global pandemic.

Executed by a team of designers, animators and editors spanning two countries and five time-zones, the campaign includes both English and Spanish versions, cut-downs and radio.

MLB’s “Fall Frenzy” on ESPN and ABC takes place September 29 through October 2, leading into the playoffs and World Series.


Client: ESPN

SVP Marketing: Laura Gentile

VP, Sports Marketing: Emeka Ofodile, Michelle Bella

Marketing Manager: Daniel Martinez

Marketing Coordinator: Juliana Araque

Senior Director, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Ryan Campbell

Director, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Mike Dominguez

Associate Director, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Shaun Leska

Associate Director, Marketing Production: Matt Cheron

Senior Coordinating Editor: Grayson Sedory

Writer/Producer, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Brad Ross

Writer/Producer, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Brian Nasti

Agency: 2C 2.0

President/Owner: Chris Sloan

Operations Manager: Bob Cobb

Creative Director/Writer: Cheryl King

Tease Editor: Victor Otero

Concept Editor: Dan Perry

Designer: Nick Ford

Animator: Alberto Garcia

Animator: Jovan Nedeljkovic

Animator: Jessica Musumeci

Audio Engineers: Cesar Haliwa & Andy Stermer

Tags: 2c abc espn hot spots mlb

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