In 1950 Kansas City, two big fish fight for respect in season four of FX’s Fargo.

The year marked the end of two great American migrations—Southern Europeans coming to the U.S. and African-Americans leaving the south to escape Jim Crow.

Chris Rock stars as Loy Cannon, the head of an African-American crime family who trades sons with the head of the local Italian mafia in an attempt to make peace. The tenuous agreement holds until the Italian checks into the hospital for routine surgery and dies, throwing everything up in the air.

Besides Rock, the series also stars Jack Huston, Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, Jessie Buckley, Salvatore Esposito, Jeremie Harris, Gateano Bruno, Anji White, E’myri Crutchfield, Amber Midthunder and musician Andrew Bird.

Season four of the Noah Hawley-led drama is coming soon to FX and FX on Hulu.

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