Los Angeles-based creative agency Roger went all out for the trailers for the fourth and final season of HBO’s anthology series, Room 104, created by Mark and Jay Duplass.

The series returned Friday, July 24 with 12 new episodes. Each episode tells a unique story exploring different genres and this season features an animated episode. But all of the stories are told within one unique hotel room.

Season four features Mark Duplass, Hari Nef, Logan Miller, Jillian Bell, Jon Bass, Dave Bautista, Melissa Fumero, Vivian Bang, Finn Roberts, Adam Shapiro, Breeda Wool, Kevin Nealon, Erinn Hayes, Ron Funches, Sadie Stanley, Shannon Purser, Kendra Carelli, Benjamin Papac, Alison Jaye, Tim Granaderos, Oliva Crocicchia, Harvey Guillen, Gary Cole, Linda Lavin, Jennifer Kim, Kevin McKidd, Desean Terry, Suzanne Nichols, Leonardo Nam, Lily Gladstone, Jordyn Lucas, Natasha Perez, Jake Green, Ntare Mwine, Rebecca Hazlewood, and Susan Park.

The Duplass brothers executive produce Room 104 along with Sydney Fleischmann, Mel Eslyn and Tyler Romary. Julian Wass co-executive produces.

Genre Combo Trailer


Season 4 Trailer

Client: HBO

Creative Lead: Steven Mosley

Senior Producer/Editor: Montres Henderson

Audio: John Roberts @ Soundbyte

Agency: Roger

Genre Combo Trailer


Creative Director: Badger Denehy

Associate Creative Director: Steven Mosley

Producer: Sarah Yuro

Editors: Matthew Cole, Daniel Evans, Reggie Hay

Graphics (genre specific cards): Bobby Chang, Natalie Hall, Joseph Salim, David Seekamp

Mixer: John Roberts (Soundbyte)


Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Director of Business Development: Anne Pendola

Producer: Karla Fay Sylvester

Designers: Hugo Domenech, Tina Hung, Kevin Jan, Juli Bernasconi

Animators: Renzo Reyes, Hugo Domenech, Juli Bernasconi

Tags: hbo hot spots roger room 104

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