“Calling all dreamers, rule-breakers, one of a kind, ready to shine .. trend-setters, trailblazers, underdogs who never give up ... glam rockers, country artists, hit makers searching for their spotlight ... this is your golden moment.”

ABC, with help from judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryant and production company Black Label Content, welcomes back American Idol to primetime TV with this spot set to Banners’ “Someone to You.”



Executive Vice President, Marketing: Becky Daugherty

SVP, Creative, Jill Gershman

VP Creative, Melissa King

Creative Director, Jessica Gaitan

Senior Writer/Producer: Ann Sloan

VP, Production: Bob Schefferine

Director of Production: Chris O’Hara

Associate Director, Special Projects & Production: Sandy Christmas

Sr. Manager of Production: Meg Tyra

Sr. Manager of Post Production Finishing: Steve Burch

Manager of Production: Christine Sparks

Director, Design: Lucas Aragon

Art Director: Monica Helberg

Art Director: Anne Maroon

Flame Artists: Tony Graf, Ray Bohn

Designer: Jeff Jankens

Editors: Edward Graff, Chris Folkens

Colorists: Chris Dunn, Vinny Malizia

Audio Mixer: Tony Friedman, Richard Freeman

Production Company: Black Label Content

Founder/Executive Producer: Joseph Uliano

Co-Directors: Mickey Finnegan, Shane Valdes

Producer: Norm Reiss

Director of Photography: Stephen Sheridan

Production Designer: Patrick Lumb

Co-Production Designer: Miles Lumb

GRX Vendor: The New Blank

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