The hopefuls from ABC’s upcoming second season of American Idol treated the Oscars audiences to a sneak peek of what’s to come when the show premieres Sunday, March 3.

During this 90-second spot, the cast sang Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” serenading viewers from a Hollywood rooftop.


Network: ABC

EVP Marketing: Rebecca Daugherty

SVP Creative: Jill Gershman

VP Creative: Melissa King

Creative Director: Jessica Gaitan

Writer/Producer: Jason Letkiewicz

Executive Design Director: Lucas Aragon

Art Director: Christopher R. Abbey

Senior Designer: Emily Ashby

Flame Artist: Antony Graf, Ray Bohn

ABC Production

VP: Bob Schefferine

Executive Director: Chris O’Hara

Director: David Hartle

Sandy Christmas, Associate Director

Senior Manager: Meg Tyra

Managers: Christine Sparks, Michelle Shapiro, Teeny Stillings

ABC Post-Production

Editor: Tom Cole

Senior Manager, Post Production: Steve Burch

Colorist: Chris Dunn

Audio Mixer: Justin Merrill

Agency: Black Label Content

Founder / Executive Creative Director: Joseph Uliano

Director: Shane Valdes

Producer: Norm Reiss

Director of Photography: Maz Makhani

Production Designer: Marcelle Gravel

Choreographer: Eddie Garcia

VFX: Sauce.Studio

Creative Director: Greg-Paul Malone

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