Hulu has unveiled the first teaser for its hyper-noir drama, Reprisal.

It introduces Doris Dearie (Abigail Spencer), a relentless femme fatale who—after being left for dead—seeks revenge against a gang of gearheads called the Banished Brothers.

In the end, it’s everyone’s misjudgment of her that allows her to take names, kick butt and get the vengeance she’s looking for.

“All my life I’ve been underestimated. Being underestimated is the greatest advantage you can have over other people,” she says in the spot.

The new series hails from the executive producer of The Handmaid’s Tale, and also stars Rodrigo Santoro, Mena Massoud, Rhys Wakefield, Madison Davenport, Gilbert Owuor and more.
All 10 episodes of Reprisal premiere Dec. 6 on Hulu.

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