“Adventure Time” is getting inspiration from two very different places for its new season: fellow series “Clarence” and the song “Cats in the Cradle.”

The animated adventure series is back for season six on Cartoon Network, and for a preview of the season to come, the channel released a 30-second spot with a brief explanation followed by a mix of scenes to come (above).

“Adventure Time” and animated show “Clarence” for a mashup about stealing fries. (Clarence is described by Cartoon Network as such: “Clarence loves everything because he finds everything amazing. His unique attitude makes each and every day the best day ever.”) When the fries thieves strike, both shows are ready with a remixed song:


Adventure Time/Clarence Fries Mashup Commercial Spot:

Creative Director: Michael Ouweleen

Associate Creative Director/Writer: Chip Duffey

Senior Producer: Calvin Florian

Designer: Chris Golden

Editor: Mark Farmer

Audio Engineer: Brent Busby

Adventure Time Season 6 Premiere “Cat’s in the Cradle” Commercial Spot

Creative Director: Michael Ouweleen

Creative Director/Writer: Craig “Sven” Gordon

Producer: Heather Reilly

Designer: Candice House

Editor: John Dilling

Audio Engineer: Fay Salvaras

[Image courtesy of Cartoon Network]


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