Al Pacino leads a grieving young man to a secret band of Nazi hunters in Amazon’s new series, Hunters, premiering Feb. 21.

AV Squad worked with Amazon to create the above long-form trailer setting up the show’s premise, introducing viewers to the team and concluding with action scenes set to the Talking Heads’ always effective “Psycho Killer.”

The series, which is produced by Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, also stars Logan Lerman and Jerrika Hinton. It was created by David Weil, who also executive produces and serves as showrunner along with Nikki Toscano.


Client: Amazon Studios

Creative Director: Lauren Kenny-Rudolph

Group Creative Director: Jamie Scythes

AV Producer: AJ Mayers

Agency: AV Squad

Executive Producer: Andrea Weeks

Producer: Meredith Nadeau

Editor: Jonathan Hensley

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