Ahead of Halloween, Los Angeles-based Alibi Music has dropped three new albums designed to accompany Halloween-themed projects.

Creepy Magical Mystery includes 11 tracks inspired by creepy fairy tales and magical mysteries. The orchestral tracks feature woodwinds, bells, strings and brass delivering waltzes and ballets with such titles as The Night Castle, The Witch Trails and Ballet of Gnomes. Music in this selection is composed by Charles Flint, Chris Villepigue, Paul Salerno and Vincent Regolo.

Freak and Roll is an homage to Grindhouse-style horror and a little more rough around the edges with its surf guitar, retro rock and punk sounds.

And Psychological Thriller is a creepy collection of horror cues that can be used in promos for thrillers, horror films and survival-based video games. These tracks are composed by James Murray and Benjamin Hayden.

Alibi also has curated a Halloween playlist that includes 25 of its favorite royalty-free songs such as “Love and Death,” “Poison” and “Getting Freaky” with lyrics appropriate for the season.

Editors can customize the tracks on Alibi’s website, choosing length and style of track, whether they’re looking for a rhythm, vocal or instrumental mix. It also includes stems of each selection.

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Alibi’s music has been used in trailers promoting such projects as Hulu’s Blood, Paramount Plus’ Peak Screaming, Netflix’s Hellbound and USA and Syfy’s classic Chucky, among others.

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