Los Angeles and London-based Alibi Music’s latest collection, Stylized UI, is a new album of sound effects for trailer editors, game developers and sound designers that includes 285 different effects across 10 categories.

Composer Jeff Dodson and his team are behind the new collection, and they designed it to boost the quality of any action in a user interface. For example, a trailer editor cutting a pivotal sci-fi interaction with a hologram can sweeten it with sound to make that moment really powerful. Or the game developer can add sounds across a game UI—from confirmation to syncing sound for a menu opening and closing.

Dodson composed the Stylized UI album almost entirely digitally. The process incorporated a number of classic tools such as vocoders and granular processing to split the audio into slivers called grains that can be manipulated in various ways.

“These types of releases are exceptionally fun because it’s a sandbox for us as designers to just make weird and abstract sounds as we try to cover the many ideas in our heads about what a UI might be. So, they’re classic droid-style bleeps, bloops and lasers, but also some very high-concept modern SFX that we imagine the UI of the future would sound like,” said Dodson in a statement. “Having that freedom and ability to play in these sandboxes was our favorite part of the release.”

Alibi also has launched an extension panel that editors can add to Adobe Premiere Pro to help them search, access and license more than 250,000 audio files without leaving the program. The new extension is available on Adobe Exchange.

“Video editors in these industries already have enough on their plates without having to navigate and move audio files from one place to another,” said Kent Carter, vice president, strategic initiatives at ALIBI, which recently joined the Adobe Video/Audio Partner Program. “We’d like to think of our new tool as the next best thing to having a professional composer working with you while you’re editing in Premiere Pro.”

Video editors can use the extension to search for music or sound effects using a range of filters, including catalog, instrument, era, mood, length and Alibi’s exclusive negative search, through which they can also weed out results. Once an editor makes a selection, they can try it out before licensing, placing any audio track, stem or mix directly into their project. They can also create playlists of their favorite tracks to reference later on, or to share with their production teams. For added convenience, licensing can be done directly through the Alibi Music extension for Premiere Pro, and if an editor’s company has a blanket license, they’re already covered.

“By giving Premiere Pro users an intuitive way to work with and license professionally composed music without leaving the app, Alibi is saving them much-needed time,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe Video, also in a statement. “This is a powerful tool featuring a robust music and SFX library that is sure to make a lot of lives easier.”

Alibi’s production music and sound design have been used in such projects as the official trailer for Showtime documentary series Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine, a commercial for TikTok for Business and the Valorant video game trailer, among thousands of others.

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