Alibi Music has released Epic Hip Hop 4, including 11 tracks produced by James Murray, nine of which are co-written with composer Ben Hayden and two that are co-written with Alibi’s Sam Wale.

The album features vocals from five different artists: Jessica Williams, also known as Jay Starr; the Audible Doctor; Easy McCoy; L. Rucus and Samuel Park. The release marks the first time Alibi has released a hip-hop collection that includes female vocals.

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“As always, we’ve tried to build on what worked best from the previous albums while also taking inspiration from new and current trends, both in mainstream and underground hip hop as well as the world of trailer music,” said Wale, composer and Alibi’s vice president, production, in a statement. “As music technology continues to evolve, it further enables us to keep pushing these genres to their limits and beyond, creating bigger and bolder productions than ever.”

Alibi first produced its first album in the series, “Epic Hip Hop,” in 2018.

“Back then, ‘normal’ epic hip hop was around, but the super amped-up, trailerized version we created was slightly ahead of the curve, which has made this series very popular,” Murray said, also in a statement. “The musical concept of this newest album was to focus on modern vocals, hard-hitting hip hop beats and room-shaking 808 bass lines, which evolve into epic hybrid orchestral backends. This makes it perfect for fast cars, Avengers-style superheroes, Super Bowl-level sports events and everything in between.”

Music from Alibi’s previous Epic Hip Hop albums has been featured in numerous high-profile projects, including the trailer for Netflix docu-series Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the promo for blockbuster film Aquaman and the Iron Crown Collection event trailer for EA’s Apex Legends, among others.

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