Alibi Music Library has tapped 14-year veteran Julia Trainor as music supervisor, the company said Wednesday.

In her new role, Trainor will serve U.S.-based clients and will also have a hand in producing music, including two holiday collections for Alibi’s new catalog of music, ATX.

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Prior to Alibi, Trainor has held posts at Project X/AV, Cimarron, mOcean and Craig Murray Productions. Throughout her career, she has music supervised over 200 productions throughout her career, spanning network promos, theatrical trailers, ad campaigns, independent shorts, sizzle reels, upfront presentations and digital spots.

She also hails from the client side of the business, having used Alibi’s music since its inception in 2011.

“As a client, I always found the Alibi team to be friendly, easy to work with and smart about what music they produce,” Trainor said in a statement. “They always seemed to know just what would be useful music for us and embraced an ‘all killer, no filler’ vibe that I loved. I had been looking to segue into the music library side of things, so I jumped at the opportunity when I learned they had the perfect role for me available.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with Julia for nearly 15 years now, and she is truly a rare breed,” said Jonathan Parks, Alibi’s founder and executive producer. “Not only does she know this business from the inside out by having feet on both sides, but she also just gets it. She has a vision and passion for music supervision that’s unmatched and is a wonderful human being to know personally and work with professionally.”

Alibi has developed music and sound design for movie studios, trailer houses, promo departments, video game companies and ad agencies around the globe. The company’s recent projects include Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, American Horror Story and Apex Legends.

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