Sator, a community-first Web3 content platform, is allying with Alibi Music to provide a soundtrack to Sator’s metaverse offerings.

Sator’s network spans mobile, desktop and virtual reality, while its app, which streams TV mini-metaverses, will give priority to film and TV titles that feature tracks from Alibi. Alibi has provided music for such TV shows as HBO’s Westworld, HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant, Fox’s The Masked Singer and The CW’s All American. Alibi is aligning with Sator to assist it with Web3 music distribution and monetization.

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“We are proud to collaborate with Sator as our industry evolves,” said Kent Carter, Alibi vice president, strategic initiatives. “Sator empowers media companies like ours to stay ahead, integrate, leverage and compete on the basis of these new blockchain-based distribution and licensing opportunities.”

“Alibi and Sator already have content partners in common, from Netflix to Warner Media, so this is a natural fit for us,” said Sator President and Co-Founder Chris Martin.

As part of the new alliance, Sator and Alibi are formalizing an affiliate relationship. Sator’s engineering team also plans to include Alibi tracks in the tokenized, watch-and-earn “Satorverse,” which is Sator’s large-scale metaverse project currently in development.

To kick off the alliance, the Alibi team is appearing on Sator Twitter Spaces in July while Sator is sponsoring an airdrop to Alibi fans and customers who download the Sator app.

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