Consumer technology startup Allstar and Alibi Music have partnered to offer Allstar creators the ability to pair their content with professional music.

Using advanced algorithms, Allstar Studio automatically pairs key moments in users’ videos with titles from Alibi’s music library. This partnership allows users to create content in seconds that traditionally would take hours of editing time.

“We live in a very visual culture and people often forget that 50 percent of the media we consume is actually audio – you can’t have good content without a great soundtrack to back it up,” said Nick Cuomo, Allstar co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “By partnering with Alibi, Allstar is letting gaming creators finally infuse their content with Hollywood-quality music effortlessly. We’re able to give gamers a huge, versatile library of audio assets to choose from, increasing the entertainment value of the content they produce in the process.”

“What Allstar is doing for the game play capture experience is pretty incredible and something we are super excited to be part of,” said Tim Hare, Alibi Music VP, business development, who worked alongside Alibi VP of Strategic Initiatives Kent Carter on the partnership. “I mean, what creator wouldn’t want to ratchet up the intensity, quality and impact of their game play clips by seamlessly adding professional music for a true Hollywood production level?”

Creators will also be able to monetize their content across platforms such as YouTube without concern of copyright claims or take-down requests.

Allstar and Alibi plan to quickly expand access to Alibi’s full library of tracks, including stems and alt versions.

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