For the latest expansion of card game Magic: The Gathering, game developer Wizards of the Coast reteamed with Paris-based Unit Motion Design to create a trailer in 3D motion graphics.

Unit Motion Design modeled more than 70 porcelain-like statues of game characters based on 3D scans made at Scan Engine in Paris. In the game, Mother of Machines Elesh Norn has come to cleanse the world of imperfections.

“Pain is the sign of your imperfection,” she says as the trailer opens and Norn’s legions of biomechanical soldiers bear down. “The flaw at the center of all that you are. Your realms are diseased and we are your only cure.”

“All will be one,” she says as she rises from her throne at the trailer’s conclusion.

Thus far, the trailer has had more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Magic: The Gathering’s “Phyrexia: All Will Be One” drops February 10.


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