In ITV’s four-episode limited series, Chasing Shadows, Detective Sergeant Sean Stone (Reece Shearsmith) spends his time chasing down serial killers with analyst Ruth Hattersley (ER‘s Alex Kingston), via his work in the Missing Persons Bureau.

To illustrate the socially awkward detective’s crime-solving process, Silver Spring, Md.-based agency AlterEgo looped his vocals to represent the patterns Stone seeks as he goes about solving difficult cases.

“Driven by the challenge to create a compelling character-driven piece that feels both fresh and relevant within the popular crime-solving genre, we turn to the series’ main character,” wrote AlterEgo in an email. “Meet D.S. Stone, the voice who leads us along as he tells his story. A keen investigator, he’s obsessed with identifying the patterns within a case that will help him save a life. His inner monologue is crafted using layered audio, similar to a round robin. Combined with repetition, the layered audio progressively gets busier to relate Stone’s sense of urgency while working a case. The structure and intentional build of pattern through visuals and sound design reinforce his quirky nature and showcase his character’s unique thought process.”

The series, which first premiered in the UK in 2014, is now available to stream on AMC’s subscription video-on-demand service, AMC Premiere.


Client: AMC

Creative Director Brand and Digital, AMC: Vicky Lemont

SVP Brand Creative, AMC/SundanceTV: Mark Williams

Agency: AlterEgo

Executive Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Associate Creative Director: Erica Kern

Writers: Erica Kern, Kristen Edgell

Producer: Kristen Edgell

Senior Editor: Dave Nathan

Sound Design: Nate Hoeft, Tyler Proctor

Mix: Tyler Proctor

Tags: alterego amc chasing shadows hot spots

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