The holidays are typically the most wonderful time of the year in British advertising, although with the UK and much of Europe returning to full lockdown, things don’t feel very celebratory.

That’s why this holiday-themed short film from Amazon feels like a small port in the storm.

In the spot, produced for Amazon Global by frequent collaborator London- and New York City-based agency Lucky Generals, a Black ballet dancer, played by French-born Taïs Vinolo, is excited when she wins the lead in her ballet company’s annual production.

She practices her heart out and then has her heart broken when she learns that the performance is canceled due to the pandemic. But her little sister, her mom and the boy who has a crush on her (who also appears in the only part to feature Amazon) all work together to bring her big day to fruition anyway.

At the end, the beautiful swan dances to an orchestral version of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” with one bright spot light shining on her as snow softly falls.

The full two-minute spot will air in the U.K. during The Great British Bake Off on Nov. 3. In the U.S., it debuts during NBC’s Sunday Night Football on Nov. 8.​

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Client: Amazon Campaign Team

VP, Global Creative: Simon Morris

WW Executive Creative Director: Jo Shoesmith

Senior Campaign Manager, EU: Jennifer Finch

Senior Campaign Manager, Global: Kelly McFarren

Senior Creative Program Manager, Global: Kara York

Creative Program Manager, Global: Jennifer Orrestad

Creative Agency: Lucky Generals

Director: Melina Matsoukas

Production Company: Prettybird Local Production Company

Division Editing: Andrew Morrow

Post Production: ETC

Sound: Sam Ashwell/750mph

Music Composition: Peter Mauder

Tags: amazon lucky generals

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