AMC UK takes a scary drive all the way to Christmasland in this dynamic spot for vampire drama NOS4A2.

The holiday-themed spot was made specifically for AMC UK on BT TV but it’s also airing on the AMC channels in Latin America and Central Europe.

The show’s first two season had already aired in the UK, so creators Manouk Kraijenbosch and Clive Collier dreamed up a new way to position it for Christmas. With Christmasland a constant, if not actually cheery, destination in the show, it seemed an opportune topic for the holidays.

Kraijenbosch and Collier decided to avoid a typical clip-based approach, and instead reimagined the show’s sets and symbols as a CG fly-through. They then set about digitally recreating key assets and sets—including the lead character’s iconic 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith, the main family’s home decorated for Christmas, and a covered bridge that doubles as a magic portal—spending two months crafting the above spot.

To accompany the spot, Collier created an original orchestration of holiday classic “Carol of the Bells,” which also is used in the show’s opening title sequence.

The final campaign consists of a main 60-second promo, as well seven 15-second character vignettes, featuring unique scores for each promo and various thematic key art designs.


Concept and Sound: Clive Collier, Manouk Kraijenbosch

Production: Manouk Kraijenbosch

Visuals and Score: Clive Collier

Sound Mix: Mark Duckett

Executive Producers: Matt Stott, Kevin Taylor

Tags: amc hot spots nos4a2

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