In this 90-second spot ahead of the premiere of American Idol on ABC, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan and host Ryan Seacrest consider what their lives would be like if they had never been discovered.

Richie’s alternate career in sculpting is suspiciously reminiscent of his 1984 hit video for his Billboard Hot 100 number-one single “Hello,” while Perry’s mirror universe job involves her selling the explosive namesake of one of her Hot 100 toppers. Bryan’s non-musical gig involves tending bar while serving up some of the lyrics to his 2020 single and Country Airplay number-one “One Margarita,” and as for Seacrest, well, if Idol hadn’t come along, he apparently would be bringing his signature energy to a bar mitzvah near you.

Produced by Black Label Content at Ace and Mission Studios in Los Angeles, this two-day “contentpalooza” included five sets for the on-air promo, seven sets for the photo shoot as well as additional sets for marketing and EPK shoots.

The 20th season of American Idol premieres Sunday, February 27 on ABC.


President, Marketing: Shannon Ryan

EVP, Marketing: Erin Weir

EVP, Creative: Aaron Goldman

SVP, Creative: Jill Gershman, Melissa King

SVP, Talent Relations: Kristen Graham

Creative Director: Jessica Gaitan, Steve Schwartz

Senior Writer/Producer: Cheryl Beasley

Writer/Producer: Sheila Alexander

Editor: Tom Cole

Executive Director, Branding & Design: Lucas Aragon

Art Director: Chris Abbey

Senior Designer: Emily Ashby

Colorist/Finishing Editor: Stephen Kuns

Audio Mixer: Richard Freeman

Post Producer: Victor Reyes

Executive Director, Production: Lara Wickes

Manager, Production: Ben Roybal, Christine Sparks

Senior Producer, Production: Oscar Chavez

Associate Producer, Production: Randy Jackson

Coordinator, Production: Scott Bosely

Concept/Scriptwriting: Kim Nguyen

VFX Company: Sauce

Creative Content Studio: Black Label Content

Director: Shane Ryan Valdez

Producer: Megan Gutman

Production Design: Marcelle Gravel

DP: Maz Makhani

Founder, Executive Producer: Joseph Uliano

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